Grainne has been a speaker on parenting and child behaviour for over twenty years to numerous different groups including parents, childcare professionals, etc.

She is dedicated to solving parenting problems creating strong family bonds, better communication and relationships in families.   She is passionate and committed to the welfare and well-being of children and families, striving to creating peace and harmony.

Grainne accepts that parents are doing the best they can with the tools they have at the present moment.  This creates an accepting, non-judgmental atmosphere that parents love. Grainne’s approachable, good humoured attitude facilitates parents to be interactive.  Parents love her workshops because she makes tried and tested techniques simple so that they are easy and practical to apply when they get home.

Parents will leave feeling inspired, motivated and empowered to create a happy, harmonious home.

Sample Speaking Topics

If you have a particular speaking topic that is not on the list please contact us to discuss.

  • Creating the Life you Want with your Child
  • Creating a Great Relationship with your Child
  • Having Fun & Laughter in your Home
  • Building your Child’s Self-Esteem
  • Listening to your Child so your Child hears you
  • The Natural World and Your Child
  • Being in your Child’s World
  • Creating the Right Environment to Raise your Child
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