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How to Support Your Teenager During Exam Results

How to Support Your Teenager During Exam Results: Student celebrating exam success

It is exam results time.  Your child will either get the exam results expected or not.  It is now a matter of how to support your teenager during exam results.  Coping with the anxiety is difficult for both parent and child.  It is a time for the parent to accept what ever the reality is and to help their successful or disappointed teenager accept and move forward with their exam results as they are.  They have options and choices to make one way or the other.

Seventeen or Eighteen year old  teenagers are expected to know what they want to do for the rest of their lives. It is an impossible task to achieve. I still do not know what I want to do when I grow up. I am now at an age when retirement is looming.

Emotional & Physical  Support

It is a time of mixed emotions for our teens.   Some teens will go to university, some will do practical courses, some will repeat, some will take a year out and work.

16 Ways on How to Support Your Teenager During Exam Results:

  1. Remind your child that you love them no matter what their results are
  2. Discuss plan B and plan C with your child in case they do not get the results they are expecting
  3. Prior to results day ensure your teen has had enjoyable activities and a good nights sleep
  4. Help your teen to sort out how she receives her results, how she shares her results with you and family
  5. Planning and sorting out how your child celebrates with friends and you is important.  It is the ending of a period in your child’s life so it is a celebration no matter what the results are, getting this message across to your child is key.
  6. As parents we need to be available on results day to ‘hang out’  hear their joy, disappointments, fears, sorrows, confusion etc.  We need to actively listen to them, reflect back their feelings, their thoughts so they can let go of emotions
  7. After the celebrations are all over, posing questions rather than telling them what to do will help them come up with solutions, make good decisions for themselves and think through their plans,  possible actions etc.
  8. Posing questions will help teens to be responsible for their choices, decisions and the course of their own lives
  9.  Trusting our teenagers judgement and supporting them in their decisions is crucial at this time
  10. It is a stressful time so ensuring your teenager has healthy  meals and rest while they make decisions and wait for results of place offers etc.
  11. Take time out to help them sort out their accommodation in their new college if they need it.
  12. Fees may be the parents problem so ensure to have them sorted out before the final date needed.
  13. College materials e.g. laptop, drawing materials, writing materials may need to be prepared in advance.  Encouraging  your child to make the necessary preparations for college will reduce stress levels.
  14. Some teenagers will choose to take on practical courses.  Supporting your child in searching for placements will help them to succeed.
  15. Transport may be needed to search for and access placements
  16. Some teens may decide they want to take a year out and work.  They may need help finding a job.

Overall your teenager needs you in the background listening, reflecting, posing questions to think options through, ensuring they remain healthy, and giving practical assistance while they make life decisions.

What are your experiences of your children around the time of their leaving certificate exams?  What difficulties did you encounter?  Share with us here and let us know ways  to support your teenager during exam results that have worked for you.

Wishing  you a happy harmonious transition in your family

Grainne xx

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  1. That’s wonderful plan to build up the confident for both parent and child without any stress, amazing support for our children and very useful.

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