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How to Reduce Back to School Anxiety for your Child

How to Reduce Back to School Anxiety for your Child

It is time for going back to school.  Some parents have to focus on ways to reduce back to school anxiety for their children.   A lot of mixed emotions go on for children at this time.  Some children love going back to school, they are all excited about meeting their friends and getting back into the school routine.  Other children hate going back to school.  It drives them into all kinds of anxious behaviours so it is important that we as parents know how to reduce back to school anxieties for children.  Preparation to re-enter school is key to reduce back to school anxiety and fear levels.

8 Ways to Prepare your Child to Reduce Back to School Anxiety.

1 Before the return to school date, it is important that children have whatever they need prepared.  Their uniforms prepared, their books, pens, pencils, school bag organised, whatever is needed.  This will reduce stress levels and fears.  They will feel confident that nothing is wrong.

2  Organise a few play dates with children in their class to re-create their friendships in advance of returning to school, this will reduce the fear of having no friends on their first days.

3  Knowing the rules, the code of discipline outlines the expectations of the child.  It is important for children to know the code of discipline in its simplest form.  It reinforces school boundaries, giving the child knowledge and  power.

4  Create a relationship with the child’s teacher.  Your child will see you talking with his teacher and this will reduce his stress.

5 Search for positive stories from other children about their experiences in your child’s new teacher’s class.  Relate these stories to your child or have other children tell the stories.

6 Listen to your child’s fears with empathy.  Summarise what the child says and pick out and reflect the child’s feelings.  This helps your child to reduce back to school anxiety and to fully express their feeling of fear, hesitations etc.

The child who has fallen behind in their school work may need one to one help with their learning.  Picking up on learning difficulties early and acting on it will reduce the stress levels and the development of an inferiority complex of the child. Make learning at home fun with games, ‘on the go learning’ when shopping, etc. and spending quality time with your child.

8 Talk positively of school and create positive images of school.   Spend time together visualising the positive parts of school.  This will help your child create a favourable attitude to school.  Tell stories of your own positive experiences at school.  Get other people to tell stories of their positive experiences of being in school.

I hope this helps with ways to reduce back to school anxiety.  What ways have you used to reduce your child’s  anxiety about returning to school?

Wishing you all a happy harmonious return to school.

Grainne xx

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