Simple Parenting Skills in Minutes: Creating a Happy, Loving Relationship with your Child

simple parenting skills book cover Tired of the same arguments with your children? Sick of bribing them for the quiet life? Want to raise happy, confident children? Then this is the book for you! With simple, one page strategies that are suitable for all aged children.  Simple Parenting Skills in Minutes will give you the tools to create a happy home with freedom and ease.

The techniques are tried and tested, step-by- step guides that solve real life problems like bedtime blow-ups, disagreements over toys, building self-esteem and dealing with bullies. It’s packed with day-to- day techniques that take two minutes to read and minutes to implement but allow you to build strong, loving relationships that will last your whole lives!

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What readers say

This is a great book, it’s so clear, useful and easy to read.  I had to buy a second copy as I met a friend whose partner and her were having trouble with  his kids. I told her about the book and she thought the tips were so helpful that I ended up giving her the book!

So Good I Gave it Away Selena

Excellent little book, full of good tips!

Fantastic! Cormac

Very good clear advice , easy to read , easy to understand

Great Guidelines for Parents and Grandparents Anne