Grainne BradyThroughout Grainne Brady’s childcare journey she was motivated by creating happy, harmonious families. Through years of experience, experimentation, trial and error and constant learning, she accumulated a large variety of skills and knowledge to develop strong bonds between parents and children. Grainne has been working with parents, grandparents, child care workers for over thirty five years.

On a daily basis Grainne is asked for solutions to child behaviour problems. Eventually, she decided to share these techniques in her book – Simple Parenting Skills in Minutes: Create a Happy, Loving Relationship with Your Child. Grainne wrote this book for busy parents who have little or no time for reading and want solution focussed techniques to create a happy home.

Grainne’s journey into childcare began with the birth of her first child. Quickly, she realised that caring for the basic needs of her baby was not enough on its own. She began to read lots of child development books. Grainne found an affinity in Maria Montessori’s books, loving the respectful way of teaching children at their level, so that they could be independent, capable and able. Soon after, she trained as a Montessori teacher and set up a Montessori school which she ran for over ten years. Around this time she became really interested in her own personal development and applied what she was reading to her work with children. This gave her further insight into other ways of working with children.

Moving on from Montessori, she managed the Roscommon Mobile Play Service. This allowed her to spread her knowledge throughout every community in County Roscommon, when she initiated and helped parents to run over 30 childcare services in the county. Each community had their own community playgroup and whatever childcare service they needed at that time. At the same time Grainne went back to education and became a childcare trainer.

Around this time she began working with the travelling community where she set up pre-school services, parent and toddler service, heuristic play sessions and afterschool service on site.

In the background Grainne was constantly training and upskilling in childcare and trained in the HighScope curriculum. For her, HighScope combined the imagination of children with the sense of order of the Montessori system. Grainne trained three county childcare teams and two services she was working with to use the Highscope curriculum.

She knew from experience that play was the first language of a child and saw the benefit play therapy could have working with children who were struggling with a whole range of behavioural and emotional issues. So when the opportunity arose Grainne studied for her Masters degree in play therapy.

Since then she has worked as a play therapist in over 20 schools in County Longford alongside her own personal clients. She became a supervisor of trainee play therapists.

Over the last 35 years Grainne has been an advocate for children. She is motivated by their growth and development. She has taught thousands of students, parents, grandparents, childcare workers, therapists, principals and teachers solutions to behaviour problems, parenting, child development etc. She believes if we help families to grow and develop all of society benefits.