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Want to know more about "Simple Parenting Skills in Minutes: Creating a Happy, Loving Relationship with your Child"?

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This is a great book, it’s so clear, useful and easy to read.  I had to buy a second copy as I met a friend whose partner and her were having trouble with  his kids. I told her about the book and she thought the tips were so helpful that I ended up giving her the book!

So Good I Gave it Away Selena

Excellent little book, full of good tips!

Fantastic! Cormac

Very good clear advice , easy to read , easy to understand

Great Guidelines for Parents and Grandparents Anne

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crying to get what they want

How to Stop your Child Crying to Get What they Want; No More Whining

Reader’s Question: “My two and a half year old child cries and whines all the time.  When we go to the shop she cries all the time in the shop.  I feel so embarrassed that I buy her what she wants to stop her crying.  She does the same at home. She is constantly crying […]

How to Reduce Back to School Anxiety for your Child

How to Reduce Back to School Anxiety for your Child

It is time for going back to school.  Some parents have to focus on ways to reduce back to school anxiety for their children.   A lot of mixed emotions go on for children at this time.  Some children love going back to school, they are all excited about meeting their friends and getting back into […]

How to Support Your Teenager During Exam Results: Student celebrating exam success

How to Support Your Teenager During Exam Results

It is exam results time.  Your child will either get the exam results expected or not.  It is now a matter of how to support your teenager during exam results.  Coping with the anxiety is difficult for both parent and child.  It is a time for the parent to accept what ever the reality is […]

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