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Want to know more about "Simple Parenting Skills in Minutes: Creating a Happy, Loving Relationship with your Child"?

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What people say

This is a great book, it’s so clear, useful and easy to read.  I had to buy a second copy as I met a friend whose partner and her were having trouble with  his kids. I told her about the book and she thought the tips were so helpful that I ended up giving her the book!

So Good I Gave it Away Selena

Excellent little book, full of good tips!

Fantastic! Cormac

Very good clear advice , easy to read , easy to understand

Great Guidelines for Parents and Grandparents Anne

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Child throwing a tantrum

My Child Throws a Tantrum When He Does Not Get What He Wants

Readers Question: “My three year old child is cross and angry. He bites and kicks his brother when he does not get what he wants.  He shouts and screams.  I am scared that he will grow up to be one of those awful kids.  What can I do?” Answer: Rest assured it is perfectly normal […]

Busy mum working and home schooling

How to reduce your work load as a home schooling parent

Readers Question: “I am over worked, stressed and overwhelmed trying to keep every side going. I work full time and have two young school going children. At present I am homeschooling my children on top of everything else. I do not know how long I can do this for. Is there anything I can do?” […]

crying to get what they want

How to Stop your Child Crying to Get What they Want; No More Whining

Reader’s Question: “My two and a half year old child cries and whines all the time.  When we go to the shop she cries all the time in the shop.  I feel so embarrassed that I buy her what she wants to stop her crying.  She does the same at home. She is constantly crying […]

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